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Maia Yoga


Movement isn't something we do; we are movement. All is forever in motion. Our very nature is to move, to feel and to be with everything just as is it. In every precious moment. If we suppress our emotions or voice, we create stagnation and a feeling of immobilisation, low energy and disconnect. But the body never lies and repeatedly creating energetic blocks causes problems and issues for the long-term.


Learning to recalibrate back to feeling is nourishing and healing on all levels. It's some kind of empowerment, transforming life from a sleepwalking state to one of wakefulness. It's a practice of moving and feeling; being in each moment. Working through the inner landscape shifts the motion picture of life from sepia to full-spectrum colour. It can be life changing.


But waking up takes a consistent practice and a willingness to really see, beyond the patterns and noise.


Keira and Maia are sisters dedicated to sharing the gifts of mindful movement from their own honest perspective. Both have practiced Yoga for over two decades (they started young!) and have been facilitating offerings for over 13 years. Originally from London, they relocated to beautiful Suffolk. Though they predominantly teach 1:1 sessions and private classes, they also host a small handful of open sessions, workshops and retreats.

Driven by a desire to light people up, to unite people to their nature, to each other and the planet we inhabit. Passionate about how each action has a ripple effect, they're all-inclusive, non-dogmatic and true to themselves and their students at all times. They believe that by doing the work individually, we all can create seismic shifts of meaning beyond the edges.


Every cell of our bodies is constantly listening. So speak back to them... 


A kooky, otherworldly character who views the world in extraordinary ways. Preferring to allow her inner nature to be her guide, she lived in India for long stints, immersing herself in (un)learnings, keen to lose the modern ways that pull us from centre.


A full-time movement facilitator, Yoga is one of her greatest loves and has been a deeply healing tool and remover of inner and outer obstacles. Advanced certified, she’s deeply inspired by her wanderings, nature, social conditioning and her own intuition. She's constantly exploring nutritious movement and creating new ways of revealing the best in herself and others.

Forever passionate about lifting others up, she encourages every body to be the best version of their own individual self.

Advanced Yoga, Barre Diploma, Pilates and Aerial Yoga certified. She believes the body was intended to move and explore in as many ways as possible.


Her offerings are deeply intuitive; she weaves sessions like art, making simple feel strong and nourishing. She encourages true muscular engagement and the ability for a deeper state of listening. She holds authentic space and crafts a practice suited to every body.


An imaginative being with a deep affection for Yoga, the environment and the interconnectedness of all life. Deeply inspired by her sister, she is forever leaning into the experience of is-ness. Life opened up when she found Yoga.


Qualified in numerous Yoga Alliance and other yoga trainings, she's forever (un)learning and playing with fluid flows fused with intentional movement to support lifelong vitality. Inspired by nature, music, magic and feeling.


Her sessions are intelligently sequenced, dynamic and challenging. She also teaches popular Yin sessions aimed at influencing flexibility.


Like her sister, she's been fortunate to train with some of the world's best Yoga teachers aswell as being qualified in trauma therapy and intuitive movement.


Maia encourages inquisitiveness and sprinkles each class with philosophy of movement and theory, encouraging simple ways to find the profound. You'll be inspired by her stories, tips and tricks. 

Her offerings steep deep and stay a long while.

Maia Forest Yoga Suffolk


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