There are many that have inspired, supported and looked out for us along the way. Huge gratitude to the following, and those we've forgotten to mention too. To our dearest mama for teaching us to be tough cookies, soft-centred, to be dreamers; we are so grateful to you and for you; gone, but never forgotten. We see you in the stars, the oceans and the wide expanses; free now and rich beyond imagination; we love you. The most important, most beautiful and amazing friend ever; Natalia. We love you too much and pinch ourselves that we could have found a friend so beautiful, so inspirational and such a minx; here's to many more years of mischief, mayhem, laughter and madness. To Lola for being a treasure, Chloe & Marcus; the kindest, hippest peeps, Rico & Marco; our Portu blingest, the attic crew for love, laughter, mayhem and the best family we could wish for; huge embraces to Tobias, Max, Karen, Eli and all. Sootika, Thalia, Tick, Assisi and Truffles; you have our heart. Our four-footed heart-wholesome ones; Gigi La Boo Bear, Sukhino Blu & Bala Binky; our most beloved, wild ones. To Bernice for being such generous yoga p.i.c. and starting our journey to wholeness. To Cookies n' Scream, Inspiral, Vantra, Juice Baby and Mr Piadina, Good Life Eatery for literal soul food heaven and fuel. Prim Hill vibes & Camden crews for dreams and inspo galore. To TriYoga, Light Centre, Alchemy & Jivamukti; our faves forever. To Shiva, Duncan, Rachel, Seane & Claire M; special mention to you petite powerhouse; it's only because of you and all your support that we were brave enough to stand up in front of people and share the art we love the most. Martha; for words and inspo; never ever forgotten. To all our fellow students on numerous TTs; we love you; making magic and shattering borders; especially Maja, Lotte, Tony, Izzy & Jess. To Leila, Naomi, Cat, Durga, Emma, Philippa, Nadia, Dina, Claire, Alaric, Alan & Lotte and all the many facilitators who have guided us into unknown territories and shifted some borders. The act of realisation is a rebellious one. Huge love to Jean and Stewart; two of the greatest influences in our lives. Such gratitude to Sharon & David. To Deepak, Sudhir, Harry and all our friends abroad for the greatest teachings and for believing in us. To Emma N for being an angel and helping us shift from the old smoke to expansive skies; you deserve so much happiness. And to Leo too ;) Special mention to Lizzie 'Poc' for being a generous, forgiving and genuine friend; much love to you. To the Matspace crew, clients and Poc's family members; hugest embraces. To Sarah R for kind words, believing in us and letting us experiment some wild ideas in a new home from home; for which we are truly grateful. To Jules & Richard (and four-footed friends!) for all your support, unspeakable generosity and kindness; not sure we can ever repay you. To Heather for your support, for spreading the word and making it possible that we could continue doing what we love the most; forever indebted to you. To those at the space in Kings Field; all who showed up and practiced with us; so honoured to have had you in our presence. And Carol; for absolutely everything; we are so lucky to have you in our lives and are so indebted to you.  To those who showed us how not to be, and taught us how to grow and overcome shackles; you're teachers too and the lessons were valid. To all our 'students' for want of a better word; you move us and make magic at every turn, with every breath. You are each our greatest teachers. Especially to Jake & Emma; it's because of people like you, that we keep believing, dreaming and aiming for the stars. Such gratitude to you all. Forever and more, spinning into infinity, sprinkled with light and love xxx