We believe every body matters. Social media and media in general has a lot to answer for; people have been made to feel that fitness should look a certain way. And, of course, it shouldn't.  Community and connection are the root reasons for our sharing. We aspire to uphold our values in every single one of our offerings. 


We believe in body neutrality. Happiness does not depend on a fixed idea of how our bodies should be. Happiness is not dependent on a number; dress size, weight or BMI. We believe every body should feel empowered, strong and present in all their moments. We will always aim to help you love the skin you're in. Forget all the dogma and social stigma.

We have no interest in focusing on appearance or weight loss. Instead, we want to empower you in the moment of Now.

We're all-inclusive and hope to support BIPOC and marginalised communities by including discounts and free places on all offerings. 

We support every body, regardless of the labels society deems necessary. All shapes, sizes, genders, background and so on. Every body is welcome in our spaces of sharing.

We offer all-level and open-level classes unless stated otherwise. Modifications and suggestions will be offered, but make each practice your own. We don't want to teach, so much as guide. We empower you to modify, use props and feel here is a safe space for you to own your practice

We strongly believe in supporting those on less income. We’ll always offer reduced prices for those in less desirable financial situations.

We honour the roots of Yoga. But also recognise that the tradition needs to move with the times and so create offerings that take into account modern science and an all-inclusive approach. We use Sanskrit in order to honour the purity of each meaning and if we share kirtan (chanting) it is again to offer the root meaning. We recognise as Western white women, this could be misconstrued, so we will always explain our intention and meaning as appropriate.

We will be 100% clear when promoting our offerings about what each session includes; type of movement, intention and aspirations.

We aim to inspire new/old, remembered/forgotten ways to move through life and will only share what works for us.


We offer mindful movement; conscious ways to move your body in a variety of methods, with no vertical teaching (teaching at or down to you), but instead we will share authentic ways to feel into your own body.

We aim to share elements of Yoga, Pilates, natural movement, calisthenics, weight transfer and use of props to support the exploration of body and breath.


We understand how trauma affects body, mind and spirit. We'll only offer hands-on assists with your express permission.

We have no desire to copy any other method and if we do, we will always share the root teacher or school, to pass the credit on.


We are equally committed to helping minimise damage to our planet and making positive contributions to the immediate community and the wider world.


We are committed to never diagnosing or attempting to treat or fix anyone. We will always share recommendations and refer students on if they are in need of expert advice.


We aim to hold you whole, to allow you to hold yourself whole, head high, forgetting the fixation on a filtered world, being true, empowered, happy and whole.


We will always be honest, transparent and teach from a place of authenticity.